Massive security gap discovered: These cell phone manufacturers are affected

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Over 400 dangerous holes have been found: Many Android smartphones that are equipped with a Qualcomm processor can be overwhelmed by attackers. Some well-known smartphone manufacturers are affected – and the problems are not easy to get rid of. But there is also good news.


Qualcomm: Snapdragon processor vulnerable

Many mobile phone manufacturers rely on chips from Qualcomm. As it now turns out, the “digital signal processor” installed there is vulnerable with very simple means. According to the findings of the security company Check Point, no fewer than 400 vulnerabilities were found during a check. In the worst case, attackers can gain complete control over the smartphone, including access to sensitive content such as photos and videos. Affected cell phones can also become part of a bot network without users even noticing.

Check Point has not published an exact list of the affected smartphones. However, it is pointed out that over 40 percent of all Android phones in circulation could be affected. Accordingly, it is not a bug in just one of the Qualcomm processors, but rather the gaps should run through the entire production of the Snapdragon chips. Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and OnePlus are named as manufacturers, but others are likely to be affected as well.

The security company is holding back on details: “(We have) decided not to publish the full technical details of these vulnerabilities until manufacturers have a comprehensive solution to mitigate the potential risks described.” According to the company, Qualcomm has not just been informed, but the loopholes should already be closed. Due to the large number of smartphones, it is not clear whether and when patches can be distributed.

More about the current flagship processor Snapdragon 865 can be found here in the video:

Qualcomm bug: Cell phones delivered defenseless

Since the security company’s published report does not go into details, it is currently difficult to assess whether all smartphones with Qualcomm processors are equally affected by the vulnerabilities. It is also unclear whether attackers were able to exploit the serious bugs in the past to cause damage.

What is certain is that Qualcomm’s patch will mainly reach newer phones. Older smartphones that no longer receive security patches from the manufacturers will remain vulnerable in the future.

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