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Master F1 2020 with this handy beginner's guide

Master F1 2020 with this handy beginner's guide

To mark the launch of the highly anticipated F1 2020 game tomorrow, Codemasters has released a beginner’s guide video. This should help new players and those looking for an update to update themselves before loading the game.

This year’s F1 game contains many new and improved features that you can deal with. The new video is the first in a series to make it easier for new players to learn the ropes. It contains tips for mastering the new handling mode, overtaking and tips for racing in the rain.

Choose a racing style

For the first time in F1 games, you have a choice of different racing styles. This is to ensure that everyone enjoys F1 – both newbies and veterans.

If you are just starting out in Formula 1, the new casual race style is ideal. It will help you learn all the techniques of navigating on the tracks and handling your car. You can switch various settings, including brake assist, anti-lock braking system, traction control, transmission type, ERS assistant and more.

With this racing style, off-track surfaces are much easier to drive and don’t cause you to go crazy so often. When you leave the track, there is a handy function to reset to the track that allows you to go back to where you were before.

Another new element is the steering assistance function. This will gently guide you to the ideal racing line as you drive and help you correct mistakes on your way.

After familiarizing yourself with F1, you can deactivate some of the assists to further challenge yourself. When you’re ready to go to the next level, you can switch to the standard race style, which offers a more realistic racing experience.

Learn a new track

Learning how to navigate a brand new track can be difficult at best. You want to use the practice lessons to get the most out of your car.

During free practice, you have access to various challenges. The best place to start is the Track Acclimatization program. This will guide you through the route layout, the racetrack, the DRS zones and the ideal braking points.

Once you have loaded this program, you will notice that a series of gates appear at the entrance, apex and exit of each lap. These gates glow green when you pass them, or purple when you pass them perfectly.


Once you understand the basics, it’s time to add a little competition racing. This is the most exciting part of Formula 1, but overtaking other cars can be risky and difficult.

The first thing to remember is that overtaking is best done on the straight sections of the track, as this allows you to build up more speed than your rival.

If you gain more confidence, you can start overtaking just before the corners, taking advantage of your opponent’s need to slow down on the lap. To do this, head towards the lane in front of the braking zone and brake a little later than your rival to overtake.

In the beginner video you will also be introduced to DRS. DRS increases your top speed by opening a flap on your rear wing when you are through another DRS zone by another driver within a second. This can give you the thrust you need to overtake and create some distance between you and the other car.

Another feature that can help you is the overhaul button – a simplification of the ERS system that was used last year. This can be useful if you are having trouble getting past another car. But be warned, if you use this consistently, your car’s battery will run down. Without juice, you don’t overtake anyone in a hurry. So use it wisely.

Race in the rain

One of the biggest challenges in Formula 1 racing is the rainy weather race. This is something that even the best F1 drivers in the world struggle with. When you race in wet weather, your vision is impaired and it is much easier to lose control of the car due to the stagnant water on the track.

The main strategy is to brake earlier and as smoothly as possible – like in normal driving. If you have problems, you can always activate the traction control and anti-lock braking systems.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to becoming an F1 2020 race winner. Codemasters will release a few more videos to give even more tips for beginners. More news about F1 2020 can be found here at WePC.

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