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The possibility of adding external storage to our iPad since Apple launched the iPad Pro with USB-C does not open a world of new possibilities. We analyzed the Transcend ESD250C SSD, which by size, speed and price make it one of the best options to expand the storage of the iPad Pro or MacBook.

Outstanding design and specifications

Away are those heavy, noisy hard drives that needed a power supply to function. The size of the disks has been reduced considerably since the SSDs arrived, also improving the speed of data transfer. This Transcend SSD is a prime example of this, with a very careful design thanks to its aluminum outer shell in space gray finish and a size (120mmx33mmx7mm) and weight (47 grams) that make it perfect to carry in our bag or backpack, even in our pocket.

SSD storage is of the type 3D NAND flash, with a capacity of 960 GB and USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 interface It allows data transfer speeds of up to 520 MB / s. The disk comes formatted in exFAT, perfect format to use it in macOS, iPadOS and Windows 10. Transcend has the great detail of including two cables in the box: USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 2; USB-A to USB-C 3.1 Gen 1. We can use it with both USB-C devices such as the iPad Pro or any of the new MacBook Pro, Air, iMac and Mac Mini, but also with other computers with older connectors.

Connect and work

As I said before the album comes formatted in exFAT, so that iPad and Mac users will not have the slightest problem to use it, and it will also be compatible with the most modern Windows computers. We simply have to connect it to our device, and we can directly view the content or transfer it from Finder (macOS) or the Files application (iPadOS).

It surprises the speed of data transfer, allowing to pass heavy files like 4K videos in a few seconds. Of course we can watch movies in this format without any problem, or use the disc to store the videos we record with our camera and then edit them from our iPad Pro or MacBook. Having 960 GB of storage in such a small device is a real luxury and suggests that it is no longer necessary to buy devices with large storage capacities, especially considering that the price at which Apple charges the storage.

Transcend offers us your Transcend Elite application to use together with your SSD that allows us to perform tasks such as backup, restore, data encryption, cloud backup, etc. The software is free, we can download it from the Transcend website (link) for both Windows and macOS, and it is also available for Android on Google Play (link). Hopefully Transcend will soon have the iPad Pro app available as well.

Editor’s opinion

With the prices that are requested to expand the storage capacity of our MacBook and iPad Pro, it is necessary to think carefully about what capacity we really need in our day to day. Many times having external storage that you can use when you really need it is the best option, and this Transcend ESD250C is the perfect example of this. Speed, portability and good design in a 960 GB disk whose price on Amazon is € 170Much less than Apple asks us to expand the capacity of the iPad Pro up to 1TB (+ € 550) or the MacBook Air up to 1TB (+ € 500). You can buy it on Amazon with free shipping for € 170 (link).

Transcend ESD250C
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  • Transcend ESD250C
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  • Last modification: July 17, 2020


  • Very compact and light size
  • Very careful design
  • Includes USB-A and USB-C cables
  • Transfer speed up to 520MB / s
  • Application for macOS, Windows and Android


  • No iPadOS app

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