Maybrit Illner also receives death threat from right-wing extremists

The right-wing extremist “NSU 2.0” has sent further death threats to prominent women. The ZDF moderator Maybrit Illner is now said to have received such a letter.

As the Hessenschau reported, the threatening letter should be in the style of a letter to Illner. In the letter, the so-called “NSU 2.0” proposes a program on the subject of “When will Germany finally be abolished?” The left-wing politicians Janine Wissler, Martina Renner and Anne Helm as well as the cabaret artist Idil Baydar and the taz columnist Hengameh Yaghoobifarah are to take part as guests. In the letter, the sender is said to threaten all six women with death. According to ZDF, the investigative authorities have already been informed.

According to HR, the author of the threatening letter indicates that he is working as a police officer. In the letter, he should accuse Maybrit Illner of being committed to “abolishing the shitty Germans, the destruction of the potato culture and the population exchange”, the report continues. The sender has already announced further threatening letters. According to an analysis by Zeit Online, the letter is also said to refer to the so-called “string orchestra”, which in the past had sent countless threats to a wide variety of people in public life.

Reports of such threatening letters have recently surfaced again. In the past days and weeks, lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız, Janine Wissler and Idil Baydar had received such right-wing extremist letters. These were also signed with “NSU 2.0”.

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  • maybritillner: ZDF / Christian Schoppe

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