MDR-Sputnik addresses sexual harassment – two-week special program


After over two years of the #MeToo debate, sexual harassment has not simply disappeared through protests. MDR-Sputnik would like to draw attention to the problems and prejudices of the people concerned with a focus on topics.

Sexual harassment is common. It doesn’t hit everyone, it’s not always direct or obvious: sometimes an “accidental” butt grabber in passing, sometimes lewd internet comments, sometimes penetrating looks in the S-Bahn – none of that was meant that way. Wasn’t it just fun – and with the outfit she doesn’t have to be surprised, right? Many people, especially women, have been molested before, but it still seems taboo to talk about. This is exactly what MDR-Sputnik wants to do for two weeks from next Monday, August 17th. The focus is part of this year’s MDR-Sputnik campaign “Take care!”, Which is dedicated to topics such as racism, drugs, depression and corona.

In the next two weeks, MDR-Sputnik wants to clarify the following questions, among other things: How do you recognize sexual harassment? How do I handle this? And how can you help those affected? The special program “One Hour Realtalk” will kick off on Monday, August 17th at 6 pm. In the radio broadcast, listeners can ask questions to two victims of sexual harassment. The program of the main topic also consists of numerous contributions on the topic as well as expert interviews and series tips.

But sexual harassment is not only a topic on the radio, there is also a lot of articles and information to be found online at and on the MDR SPUTNIK social media channels. In a “bullshit bingo video”, for example, typical prejudices such as “Didn’t you provoke it a bit with the short skirt?” In addition, those affected and helpers tell face to face in the video format “Ehrenmenschen” how they supported each other in the difficult situation.

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