Medium Twitter tries to rob you, Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Apple are promoting a Bitcoin scam

Without a doubt, this is one of the largest hacks registered by Twitter in its entire history, with some of the most relevant characters on the social network already affected, including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates and companies such as Apple, Binance or Tesla; and with thousands of dollars scammed in Bitcoins

Bombshell on Twitter. As echoed in Coindesk and we have been able to verify at the moment, one of the most popular social networks as it is Twitter is suffering from what is probably the most important computer attack in its history, not yet claimed by any group of hackers.

Obviously I cannot assure that it was the most serious attack, but at least it is on the way to be with the entire staff of affected influential characters including not only personal accounts but also from important companies such as Apple, Binance, Uber or Tesla, which are advertising a scam that claims to raise Bitcoins for a charitable cause.

Bitcoins on Android

One of the biggest hacks in the history of Twitter, with the most relevant characters on the social network affected

The exploited vulnerability is not too clear at this point, but what we do know is that Twitter has been affected and the bad guys are taking advantage of the most influential accounts on the platform, from Bill Gates to Elon Musk through Jeff Bezos or Joe Biden and including practically all companies related to cryptocurrency or the latest technologies.

According to some of those affected, such as Cameron Winklevoss from Gemini, they are indicating that they used strong password and two-factor authentication, so they have questioned how their account has been compromised and whether hackers have been able to break that two-factor authentication that we all assume is infallible in our online services.

In addition, as we have been able to read in Xataka, messages are being erased almost instantly but are still proliferating like mushrooms all over Twitter:

Massive Bitcoin scam on Twitter

Lots of companies advertising the Bitcoin scam as an alleged charity

Massive Bitcoin scam on Twitter

Joe Biden, also affected

Massive Bitcoin scam on Twitter

The good guy from Elon Musk, saying that he doubles the contributions in Bitcoin

Massive Bitcoin scam on Twitter

Apple itself has not been spared, almost incredible

Massive Bitcoin scam on Twitter

Bill Gates, with the message posted on his Twitter account

Massive Bitcoin scam on Twitter

Amazon CEO and one of the world’s richest men, also claiming to double contributions

In all likelihood, this has been the largest attack ever suffered by Twitter given the repercussions, with all the most influential accounts affected and even some of the hackers reporting that they have broken a two-factor authentication.

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Massive Bitcoin scam on Twitter

More than 100,000 euros already swindled, and the amounts continue to rise in virtual wallets

A massive and structured Bitcoin scam, already moving stratospheric amounts of money

Yes, impressive amounts and in just a few minutes, as you will have seen in the image above one of the wallets that are being advertised already exceeds 12 bitcoins entered, an amount that in euros is around 100,000 and that in dollars exceeds 110,000 in length.

Hackers refer to a fraudulent website that says he is raising money disinterestedly to alleviate the damage caused by COVID-19, but it is a massive and well-structured scam where in addition funds are withdrawing at the same rate as they enter in virtual wallets, making pursuing money by authorities almost impossible.

The amounts are stratospheric and continue to rise at this time, although Twitter is struggling to remove posts as soon as possible. Obviously do not pique, in this scam or in other similar ones, because nobody gives four pesetas hard and no millionaire is going to double your money contributions no matter how good intentions you have.

We update: Twitter recognizes the problem and says it is working on the solution

Those responsible for Twitter have already responded with a tweet published on the social network itself, stating that are aware of the problem and are investigating the security incident to take appropriate action and provide explanations and guidance to protect us as soon as possible.

The first step has been to block the change of passwords, so for now we will not be able to reset our account password or change it, while from Twitter the problem is reviewed and delimited. We will have more news soon …

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