Mega-Bann prohibits almost all top decks in Standard, Historic and Pioneer

Magic the Gathering’s competitive metagame has been in a crisis for months. Now the possibilities in several formats were blown open by a huge spell hammer.

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At the beginning of your final segment, you will de-mole all countries you control. This simple sentence has brought Magic players to despair last year. It comes from the Wilderness Reclamation card, which was printed in January 2019, but has since received more and more powerful components, which have finally led to the infamous Temur Reclamation combo deck being Magic’s standard metagame for months the gathering dominates.

The new cards in the 2021 core set had almost no impact on the popularity of the deck, on the contrary. In the Players Tour Finals at the end of July, more than 50 percent of the participants competed with a reclamation deck. When Kristof Prinz won the tournament on August 1st with a four-colored reclamation deck and even the commentators could not deny how “broken “ Many Magic players expected the deck to be an emergency ban.

That is exactly what has happened now and Wizards of the Coast has not only pulled the powerful reclamation decks from circulation, but also made the current top decks almost unplayable in three formats. The competitive metagame in Standard, Historic and Pioneer is again wide open. You can read the full ban announcement on the official website.

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Magic the Gathering: Bans in Standard

The following cards will no longer be playable in standard format from August 03, 2020:

Three of the four cards were included in Kristof Prinz’s winning deck in the Players Tour Finals and have dominated the metagame for months. In addition to the recalamation combo, cards such as Teferi, Time Raveler and Growth Spiral were also found in various ramp decks, which could gain a mana advantage faster than all other decks.

The offering decks around Cauldron Familiar were never overpowering, but they would have easy play in a format without Teferi and Wilderness Reclamation to gain the upper hand, which is why this card was banned.

As an illustration: In our guide to the best standard decks in MTG Arena, we keep you up to date on the best guides. Due to the latest ban, four of the five decks presented are no longer playable.

Magic the Gathering: Suspended cards in Historic

The following cards will no longer be playable in historic format from August 03, 2020:

The Reclamation combo has also been able to conquer the metagame in historic format in recent weeks. Teferi has long been considered a natural answer to the Wilderness Reclamation card, but it has frustrated many players and ultimately failed to assert itself as an effective counter strategy. Both cards are suspended until further notice and are expected to be officially banned at the next announcement.

Magic the Gathering: Bans in Pioneer

The following cards will no longer be playable in Pioneer format as of August 3, 2020:

The still young Pioneer format caused enthusiasm at the end of 2019, but after a short time a small number of top decks emerged, which all belong to the combo archetype. As a result, Pioneer lost as “Combo format “ popularity in recent months. The current ban removes the most important card from all of these decks from the format, so that the metagame should be just as open as it was at the end of 2019.

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