🔥 Mega cell phone bargains 🔥 Pixel 3a + 5 GB LTE for an effective 2.49 euros per month

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The Google Pixel 3a is a great mid-range smartphone, especially in terms of camera and price-performance ratio. In the Curved Shop you can get the Google phone with a contract for just 11.99 euros a month. It’s worth it! GIGA did the math.

Google Pixel 3a

Top offer: Google Pixel 3a with blue contract

The Google Pixel 3a is an affordable mid-range smartphone that is equipped with an outstanding camera. In our test on the Pixel 3a, you will learn that this Google phone has a lot more to offer. The display, the performance, but also the battery life are really very good. You have to make small compromises when it comes to design and choice of materials. We gave a rating of 85 percent.

In the Curved Shop, you can currently get the Pixel 3a with a contract with the Blue O2 brand for a very affordable 11.99 euros per month and a one-time payment of 29.41 euros for a device. The shipping costs are 4.86 euros, there is no connection fee.

Overview of the tariff details:

  • Provider: Blau.de
  • Network: Telefonica (o2)
  • 5 GB LTE-Data volume with up to 21.6 Mbit / s
  • Allnet and SMS flat
  • 24 months minimum contract period, 3 months notice
  • 10 Euro credit if you take your number with you

Contracted Google Pixel 3a: that’s why it’s so good

To see how good the offer really is, we first have to calculate the total costs over a 24-month minimum contract term:

  • 24 x 11.99 euros for the contract = 287.76 euros
  • 29.41 euros additional payment for the Google Pixel 3a
  • 4.86 euros shipping costs

= 322.03 euros Total costs over 24 months minimum term

The Google Pixel 3a without a contract currently costs at least 262.22 euros. If you subtract the current best price for the cell phone, you pay 59.81 euros over 24 months or 2.49 euros a month for the tariff alone. This is a very affordable price for a contract in the o2 network with 5 GB LTE, an Allnet and SMS flat rate. EU roaming is also included and there is no annoying data automatic.

The prices quoted refer to the minimum contract term of 24 months. Remember to cancel in good time, preferably immediately after the start of the contract. This is very easy, for example, via subscription alarm.

Test picture gallery: The camera of the Google Pixel 3a is really that good:

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Google Pixel 3a in the camera test: can the 400-euro cell phone keep up with the Pixel 3?

Google Pixel 3a with contract: Who is it worth buying?

For everyone who is looking for a very good cell phone that does not cost too much and has an excellent camera and battery life. In the price range below 400 euros, there is currently hardly a better Android device. In addition to the great camera smartphone, you get a contract with 5 GB LTE data volume, which should be enough for everyday use.

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