Merax Gaming Chair Review 2020

When it comes to Game chairs It is important to choose the right chair for you.

If you plan to spend a lot of time sitting in one place, it makes sense to choose one that is comfortable. There is a catch, however: being comfortable isn’t always best for your back.

For this reason, it is important to choose a chair with an ergonomic design that does not harm your back when you sit in it, but still offers a good level of comfort. The Merax gaming chair claims it can do it, but does it?

Read on to find out.

Merax Gaming Chair Review

The chair itself is designed to mimic the shape of the human body. This makes it possible to take a natural sitting position while playing, so that the back is not stressed. In addition, the seat and back of the chair are padded and padded to ensure that the seat is comfortable and the back is adequately supported.

The chair has an adjustable lumbar support. In this way you can adjust the lumbar support to the correct position depending on your height. This means that regardless of the size of the user, the right back support can be offered. This ensures that the Merax Gaming Chair is one size for all devices. However, this is not the only adjustable function.

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The armrests are also adjustable on the Merax Gaming Chair. This in turn allows people of different sizes and arm lengths to move the armrests of the chair into the most comfortable and ergonomic position. There’s also an adjustable headrest to ensure your head and neck get the support they need. This means that in terms of ergonomics, the Merax ensures that anyone who uses the chair does not have to worry about harming themselves from their seating position. It even offers the ability to fully recline the chair for a quick nap between games!

Merax Gaming Chair Computer chair with high backrest

The chair is made of PU leather and is really comfortable to sit on. In combination with the deep cushioning, comfort is the first thought when sitting in the Merax gaming chair. Add to that a full 360 degree rotation with the simple swivel mechanism combined with the castors on the bottom of the chair to make maneuvering the Merax gaming chair as easy as possible.

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Although it offers the possibility to lean back to a horizontal position, it also enables a measured inclination. It offers a slight tilt when you want to bask in the glory of your final win, but also offers the ability to lock the chair in an upright position when you need to concentrate hard. The Merax gaming chair offers a multitude of adjustable functions that really allow you to adjust it to the perfect position for you.


In terms of value, the Merax Gaming Chair is one of the best on the market. It offers more features in terms of cost than any other chair on the market. It is right at the top of the price-performance list.

The degree of customization for the Merax Gaming Chair is amazing. Almost everything can be adjusted to the exact position that is perfect for each individual user. This ensures that users do not have to worry about their own size when purchasing the chair. You can adjust it to the level that is right for you. It really is a one size fits all chair.

The Merax is an incredibly comfortable chair. Sitting in the Merax is almost like being weightless. It’s soft enough to be comfortable without being so soft that it offers no support.

The Merax gaming chair is also ergonomic. This means that it is designed to take care of your back and neck while sitting. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about the chair harming your back and neck when indulging in an odd marathon gaming session. This is the main advantage of the chair. If the chair doesn’t protect your back and neck, it’s not a good product.

Merax Gaming Chair Review


The Merax gaming chair must be assembled when you purchase it, but does not include instructions on how to do it. Most people can work out how to do it, but not everyone can.

The chair might be a little too wide for some people. It takes up a lot of space as it is an authentic racing style gaming chair. Therefore, this chair may not be suitable for smaller gaming areas.


The Merax Gaming Chair offers fantastic features at a fantastic price. If you are looking for a chair in the market that offers a comfortable and ergonomic experience, then this chair is for you. The large number of adjustable parts included in the Merax gaming chair also allows it to be used by several different people in the same house. If you are in a gaming household this chair solves all sitting problems.

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