Messenger screen sharing

During the pandemic, many of us have been the users who have been locked up in our homes, forced to work from home (which we have had that opportunity). This has forced us to know a large number of options to make video calls and also to check how the limitations of some platforms have no reason to exist.

WhatsApp quickly expanded the number of participants in its calls, as did Messenger (also from Facebook) and Google Duo. On WhatsApp they not only expanded the number of participants in a video call, but also associated the Messenger video call service to allow video conferencing with up to 50 people.

These platforms, they are not intended for use within companies, since the functions it offers in this sense are practically non-existent. However, and despite the fact that companies will never think of using these platforms, Messenger has added a new function, a function that was already available on Skype and allows us to share the screen of our smartphone directly in the video call.

This function is ideal for show our photos to a group of friends, buy together on a website… here the limit is set by the user. The integration of Messenger with WhatsApp to allow us to create video calls with up to 50 people, does not require that the participants in the video call have a Facebook or Messenger account, since its operation is the same that currently offers us both Skype, Zoom, Google Meet…