MGM and Danjaq complete the fan-made Goldeneye remake with Cease and Desist – WePC

In the 90s, the N64 classic Goldeneye was the undisputed king of first-person shooters on consoles for an indefinite period of time. It offered an action-packed and varied single-player campaign based directly on the Pierce Brosnan film, as well as a legendary multiplayer mode. As popular as the game was at the time, it’s a little difficult to go back to with outdated controls, unstable frame rates, and simple graphics. Fans have long wanted an authentic remake to relive their time with the original game, but an official remake or re-release is not planned. There have been several attempts to capitalize on the game’s legacy, with a pseudo sequel from EA called GoldenEye: Rogue Agent; and the less is said about it, the better and a reasonably competent “redesign” by the developer Eurocom in 2010, but nothing that really does justice to the original game.

Perhaps this is why there have been several attempts at fan projects to revive this game. Strictly speaking, fan projects that are developed without the permission of the rights holder always exist within a legal gray area. Some publishers and developers are happy to allow fan projects to exist undisturbed as long as they don’t try to turn them into commercial projects. There are even certain fan projects that have received the seal of approval from the rights holders, such as the Half-Life remake Black Mesa or Sonic Mania, which was a fan project in its earliest form.

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