MHW Iceborne – Monster list with all strengths, weaknesses and tactics

The full-blown form of the Xeno’jiiva is a siege battle that has to be completed in several 20-minute stages. The fight takes place on three levels. As soon as Savi’jiiva has taken enough damage, it absorbs the energy of the respective level and heals completely. When the energy in one area is completely used up, Savi’jiiva goes to the next lower level. There the process repeats itself until time is up or Savi’jiiva is defeated.

If you don’t win the fight within 20 minutes, we will the energy already used for the upcoming experiment is not rechargedso that you can approach the final phase step by step. With a group of four players, it usually takes two to three attempts to defeat Safi’jiiva. Danger: The Savi’jiiva Siege May only in the Seliana assembly cities to be started.

Combat tip: On the second and third levels, Savi’Jiiva unleashes a powerful area attack that cannot be blocked and kills you with just one hit. The only way to survive the attack is to take cover behind a stone scattered around the arena. You can recognize the attack by the fact that Savi’jiiva flies into the air and concentrates a blue beam of energy in the center of the arena.

Element weaknesses Status weaknesses
Fire 2/3 Poison 3/3
Water 2/3 Sleep 1/3
Thunder 2/3 Paralysis 2/3
Ice cream 2/3 Explosion 3/3
Dragon 3/3 Stunning 2/3

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