Mi 10 Ultra, everything we know about Xiaomi's new (and beastly) high-end

The CEO of Xiaomi has confirmed the arrival of the Mi 10 Ultra next week. This is all we know about him.

It is already a reality: Xiaomi’s new high-end will be called Mi 10 Ultra, and not Mi 10 Pro + as we expected at first.

This has been confirmed by the CEO of the firm, Lei Jun, in his Weibo profile, where he has also assured that the device will be presented next week at a special event in China, where the firm will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

To this day, we have already been able collect some details about this spectacular Xiaomi device which will arrive on the 11th, which will undoubtedly be the company’s most cutting-edge model in a long time.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 with its transparent suit

Xiaomi works on the most cutting-edge model of the Mi 10 series.

The Mi 10 Ultra will be the definitive Xiaomi high-end

A few days ago, we discovered that the Mi 10 Ultra would have a new, unreleased function, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm itself

It’s about the function Game Turbo, which will allow device users to modify advanced parameters of the GPU accompanying the processor to further squeeze the capabilities of the mobile when playing games.

The latest rumors also suggest that the Mi 10 Ultra could be an even more advanced phone than we imagined.

To begin with, Xiaomi would have decided raise the bar in terms of design through a back part made of ceramic, a material more resistant to scratches than the glass in which the “normal” Mi 10 arrive.

Xiaomi Mi 10

This is the front of the Xiaomi MI 10.

In that sense, in addition, the clues suggest that there would be a version of the Mi 10 Ultra with transparent back, similar to the one that the CEO of Xiaomi himself showed some time ago in images.

There is also talk of two different configurations, with 8 and 12 GB of RAM with 256 GB storage for the ceramic model, and 12 or 16 GB of RAM with 256 or 512 GB storage in the case of the transparent model.

On the other hand, a total revolution in terms of photography, through a camera configuration very different from the one present in the Mi 10 Pro. In that sense, a supposed filtered image allows us to see the format of the four rear sensors, very different from anything else we’ve seen so far.

Alleged design of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

This would be (supposedly) the rear of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

To conclude, there is talk of the inclusion of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor Accompanied by a 4,500 mAh battery with fast charging of 100 or 120W of maximum power supported and 55W wireless charging.

Its screen would have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and would be based on AMOLED technology.

This is, for now, everything that is known about the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra that the brand plans to introduce next week. It is not ruled out that the company will announce new devices with it, so we will remain attentive to the presentation.

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