Microsoft and Samsung bring Android apps to Windows 10 PCs

The Your smartphone app shows apps installed on a Galaxy smartphone on Windows PCs. They can be started in a separate window and operated with a mouse and keyboard. Users can also pin Android apps to the start menu and taskbar.

Microsoft has announced a new feature for their Windows smartphone app. It allows owners of certain Samsung-Smartphones, theirs Android-Apps can also be used on a Windows 10 PC. For now, this option is only available to participants in the Windows Insider Program who have subscribed to the Developer, Beta or Release Preview Channel.

Android apps on Windows 10 (Image: Microsoft)According to Microsoft, the change will be rolled out gradually. Users with whom it has already been activated will then see the “Apps” item in the control bar on the left-hand side of the screen in the smartphone app. It shows a list of all apps installed on the connected Galaxy smartphone.

Apps can be started with a double click and then opened in a separate window. Here you can operate on the PC with mouse and keyboard, whereby a single mouse click replaces simple typing and a right mouse click triggers back navigation. Apps can also be pinned as favorites in the overview and even added to the start menu and taskbar.

The Android apps leads Windows 10 but not directly. Instead, they are transferred to Windows 10, similar to the content of the smartphone screen. In the future, it should also be possible to start more than one Android app in a separate window. This function should first be activated for the Galaxy Note 20.

Microsoft points out that not only a current build from the Windows Insider Program and a supported Samsung smartphone are required, but also an update for the Ihr-Smartphone app. It must be at least version 1.20071.88. In addition, the function should be usable under Windows 10 if at least the May 2019 update is installed.

According to Microsoft, the audio output of apps that are operated via Windows 10 takes place via the smartphone. In addition, according to Microsoft, some apps block the transfer of the screen to other devices – in this case, the screen in the app window on Windows 10 should remain black. Problems can also occur with some games that require a PC with a touch display to be fully operational.

The new build 20185 is also available for download in the Developer Channel. Above all, it offers new configuration options for the DNS settings and the settings for encrypted DNS (DNS over HTTPS).

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