Microsoft announces disposable email addresses for Office 365

The Plus Adressing function is based on the Internet standard RFC 5233. Plus addresses add a tag to an existing email address with a plus sign. It ends up in the normal inbox and can be easily filtered out using rules.

Microsoft has a new function for Office 365 announced that allows the creation of disposable email addresses. The so-called plus addresses are based on the Internet standard RFC 5233, which is not supported by all email providers, however. Microsoft now wants to implement the function in the course of the third quarter.

Email (Image: Shutterstock)The so-called plus addressing makes it possible to create almost freely definable subaddresses of an existing email address by adding a plus sign and any tags. For example, a user with the address can add the address

Messages sent to this sub-address also load in the mailbox of the main address. Sub-addresses, in turn, can be used, for example, for the registration of newsletters and certain user accounts for online services.

“Plus Adressing is a great way to quickly create custom (or one-way) email addresses based on your default email address simply by adding a” + “suffix string to an existing email address. Add mail address in Office 365, ”Microsoft describes the innovation. “A plus address for could be something like, which you can use to sign up for the newsletter on the Northwind website. If Northwind then sends a newsletter to, it will be forwarded directly to “

A rule for the inbox could then move messages sent to the plus address to the “Northwind” folder. The function also makes it easier to manage the inbox. The tracking of marketing and sales campaigns is also possible.

The plus addresses also allow users to understand who may pass on their e-mail address to third parties without their consent. For example, if you receive a message from company B via the e-mail address username +, you can assume that company A has provided company B with the data.

Despite the advantages, Plus Adressing is only available from a few email providers. Google Gmail has supported it for many years, but Yahoo and AOL have not. Microsoft introduced it for Hotmail in 2013 – but its Exchange-based email offerings have not yet supported the function.

According to Microsoft’s feature roadmap for Office 365, this should now change in the third quarter of 2020. Plus Adressing has been in progress since December 2019.

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