Microsoft announces Windows 10X for dual-screen devices in early 2022

A first version of the new version of Windows 10 will appear in spring 2021. It is however reserved for devices with a screen. Support for running Win32 apps in containers is also likely to be lacking.

Windows 10X, optimized for dual-screen devices, should now be available on the first devices in spring 2021. That reports at least ZDNet USA with reference to sources of the Microsoft-Knowledge Mary Jo Foley. However, the new variant of Windows 10 initially only available on single screen devices. Microsoft will need until early 2022 to optimize for devices with two screens.

Surface Neo with Windows 10X (Image: Microsoft)Windows 10X (codenamed Lite / Santorini) is not a new operating system, but a modular form of Windows 10 with a simpler interface. Windows 10X was originally intended to be reserved for devices with more than one screen, but has since been moved Surface Neo.

The first single-screen devices with Windows 10X will be aimed at business customers and the education sector, according to ZDNet USA sources. Support for running the Win32 app in containers is also still missing. This would limit the operating system to Universal Windows Platform Apps and web applications.

Foley assumes that Win32 container support will initially not be offered due to excessive resource consumption and problems with app performance. However, it is still planned to post this function, but probably not until 2022.

The delays in the development of Windows 10X may also have consequences for Windows 10. So Foley’s sources report that from 2021 Microsoft could only publish one function update per year in order to be able to deploy more developers for Windows 10X. In the future, new versions of Windows 10X could appear in the first half of the year and feature updates for Windows 10 in the second half of the year. Microsoft is also expected to make Windows 10X new features, such as running Win32 apps in containers, also available for Windows 10.

If this rumor turns out to be true, the previously announced “small” update for Windows 10 version 2004 would appear in autumn 2020. In the first half of 2020, however, users would have to forego a function update for Windows 10 in favor of Windows 10X. The version 2004 would then be followed by a 21H2 update. The first half of 2022 would then be reserved for a major update for Windows 10X. However, Foley emphasizes that it is currently only an internal plan that can change at any time.

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