Microsoft confirms when it will be removed on Android

Cortana is the wizard created by Microsoft, which was originally introduced in Windows 10, although it was also available for Android phones in Spain. This assistant has never had a great relevance in the market, even losing its presence in Windows 10, and running the same fate in its version for mobile phones.

Microsoft long ago made the decision to stop competing with others like Alexa or Google Assistant, focusing his assistant to a business environment. Little by little it is seen as Cortana says goodbye to the market, being recently removed from Microsoft Launcher. The company is now going one step further with its latest decision.

Cortana says goodbye to Android

Microsoft has decided to close Cortana and the assistant is going to say goodbye to Android and iOS permanently. The company has announced that the assistant will say goodbye to Android and iOS forever in January 2021. A decision of importance to the company, which he finally gave up on with his assistant.

One of the doubts was whether or not the end of this assistant would be worldwide. Since there was speculation about the possibility that it would remain, although residual, present in the United States. Finally it won’t be like that, the assistant’s farewell affects all markets and it is also definitive. As of September 7, the wizard will no longer be compatible with third-party devices.

This farewell will therefore be somewhat progressive. First, in September support for all Cortana skills in third-party applications ceases. Then in January 2021, wizard application is completely removed, both on Android and iOS. In this way, Microsoft closes a chapter that has not been easy and that has not had the success initially expected by the company, because this assistant has never had great relevance.

Cortana Microsoft

In addition, Microsoft has also decided to end support for Cortana integration on Harman Kardon’s Invoke speaker, something that will also happen in January 2021. A decision that many will not like, but from the company they affirm that users will be able to continue listening to their favorite music, radio stations or podcasts through Bluetooth through the loudspeaker.

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