Microsoft continues to remove Cortana from mobile devices and speakers


Cortana came to the market in 2015 thanks to Windows 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, a version that little by little has managed to get half the market share and where Windows 7 still has a significant presence. However, since it does not have its own mobile or speaker platform, it has decided to change its plans and focus on productivity.

Microsoft announced late last year that would remove Cortana app from iOS (an application that was never available outside the United States) and that the Microsoft Launcher on Android, would eliminate the Cortana assistant. During the first months of this year, the guys from Satya Nadella have fulfilled that announcement and Cortana is no longer on mobile devices.

But are not the only ones. The Invokey smart speaker that launched in collaboration with Harman Kardon in 2017 will also remove Cortana. It will do so in early 2021. The majority of users who bought this speaker did not do it for Cortana, but for the quality that this speaker offers. Still, all users who bought it will receive a check for $ 50 for the inconvenience.

The Surface headphones that Microsoft released a couple of years ago to the market will also remove support for Cortana in early 2021. Microsoft was late to the wizard market, without its own platform for loudspeakers or mobile devices and in order not to continue wasting resources, it has decided to focus the progress it has made with Cortana in recent years on productivity.

Last year, Microsoft added support for Cortana to the English version of Outlook for iOS, so that the Microsoft assistant can read both unread emails and calendar appointments. Cortana will be part of Microsoft 365, according to the company, and will be integrated into the applications natively and independently from the device’s operating system.

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