Microsoft discontinues support for Cortana mobile apps

In future, users will only have Cortana integration in Outlook Mobile. Microsoft recommends the Cortana app for Windows 10 as an alternative. Microsoft is also discontinuing Cortana support on the Invoke speakers from Harman Kardon.

Microsoft is driving the realignment of its digital assistant Cortana to productivity scenarios. The company has now announced the Cortana mobile apps for Android and set iOS. Cortana skills for third-party products will soon be a thing of the past.

Cortana (Image: Microsoft)Microsoft describes all changes in a new support article. Support for the Cortana skills that can be used to expand the Harman Kardon Invoke intelligent speaker ends on September 7th. At the beginning of 2021, Cortana should also disappear from the app for Android smartphones and iPhones.

Cortana is then only available in the Outlook Mobile app on mobile devices. According to Microsoft, the voice assistant should also be integrated into the mobile teams app. According to Microsoft, users who want to manage e-mails and calendar entries via Cortana continue to use the Cortana app Windows 10 to disposal.

The Invoke speakers can temporarily be operated by voice without support for Cortana skills. Microsoft will delete this option in January 2021. Until then, users should be able to control the devices via Bluetooth using a firmware update. In the US, those affected also receive a $ 50 voucher for the Microsoft Store. However, the gift card is linked to the Microsoft account that originally set up the speaker.

There are also restrictions for users of the Surface Headphones and the Surface Earbuds. From the beginning of 2021, you can also only manage an inbox via Outlook Mobile or activate the Play My E-Mails function. Microsoft compensates users of the Surface Headphone 1 with a $ 25 voucher for the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft originally started offering Cortana, a voice assistant for PCs and mobile devices, that works with Google Assistant and Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa can measure. However, Cortana could not prevail on PCs or against the competition. Instead, the company is now focusing on integrating Cortana into Microsoft 365 as a productivity aid.

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