Microsoft goes for all on Android with a real "Netflix of the video game"

He streaming it is for many the future of video games. Thanks to ultra-fast connections, being able to run video games on a remote server and having it available on your computer, television or mobile phone is very attractive, although it is a technical challenge that few companies have the capacity.

And even those with technical ability have a really hard time creating their own “Video Game Netflix”, a term coined to facilitate understanding of what a streaming service is, and which, in my opinion, does not always do justice to reality.

But yes, Microsoft does have its own ready “Video Game Netflix” combining technology and the powerful catalog of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, a service that we can test for a few weeks and that will start operating from September 15.

Microsoft if you have a Netflix of the video game and it is compatible with Android

If you follow the news of the video game Project XCloud surely sounds like the Microsoft project capable of turning any Android into an Xbox thanks to the power of the cloud. During its development this service has been completely free, but everything comes to an end. Xcloud disappears to be part of something bigger.

Starting September 15, Xbox streaming will be integrated into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a service that currently costs € 13 a month (although you can try the first month for € 1). If you were already paying for this service on your PC or Xbox One, the use of streaming on Android will be completely free for you.

The price, although at first it seems high, is not so bad if we consider that it offers us a catalog of more than 100 available games (the current list can be found here) that you can play on an Xbox, a PC with Windows 10 and from next September 15 (that if, in beta phase), on Android mobiles through streaming.

It is important to note that said streaming will be included by Microsoft from its servers, so it is not necessary to have a PC or an Xbox, although a Microsoft account from which you can connect with your friends who have Xbox and play online with them (Game Pass Ultimate also includes Xbox Live Gold).

Instead of the Xbox Game Streaming application, the service will work through the Xbox Game Pass application and will have the following requirements:

  • Android 6.0 or higher mobile with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher connection.
  • The Xbox Game Pass app.
  • Xbox wireless controller compatible with Bluetooth.
    • This requirement remains to be seen if it will finally be so, since Microsoft said the same thing on XCloud and we have been able to play with any controller.
  • 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection or mobile data with at least 10 Mbps download.




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