Microsoft reveals the future of Office on your mobile

One of the most important changes in the world of technology in recent years was the change in direction of Microsoft, a company that long ago ceased to be just “the Windows company” to focus on the cloud and services.

Office is one of the company’s greatest assets right now, and one of its strengths is omnipresence. It does not matter if you have an iPhone, Android, PC, Mac or even Chromebook or Linux, that you will be able to access Office in one way or another. The application continues to evolve and today we know the future that awaits you.

This will be the future of Office according to Microsoft

One of the peculiarities of Microsoft applications is that they do not directly follow the design lines of Material Design, since those of Redmond have their own design team and a style that they have called Fluent Design. Like Material, Fluent is not static over time and also pursues constant innovation.

In reinventing Office, Fluent plays a crucial role, as Jon Friedman, Microsoft’s vice president of design and research, has shown.

For these coming years, the company has wanted to focus on four main aspects, being concentration one of the base pillars. One of the most relevant changes is in a new toolbar, which we can locate anywhere on the screen, being able to choose where it best suits our work.

Artificial intelligence is another field that will help reinvent Office through Cortana. Far from being the wizard we already know about Windows, it will understand the context of each file and conversation to offer us relevant information that helps us to be more productive.

The connectivity between people and applications wave protection and trust These are other crucial aspects of the Office experience, which will allow for greater interconnection in the future than we have seen so far.

If you are curious to know all the details about the new design line that Office will have, we recommend reading the original article by the Microsoft design team by clicking here or on the source button.




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