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Microsoft shows how to do it right

Microsoft shows how to do it right

Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft, of all people, wants to show the manufacturers of Android phones how to make customers happy. The new Surface Duo gets an update guarantee that even many established manufacturers do not offer. But is the step a little too early for Microsoft?


Microsoft Surface Duo: 3 years of Android updates

After the renewed presentation of the Surface Duo, Microsoft dropped a bomb. According to Android Central, the folding smartphone should not only receive security updates for three years, but also be supplied with Android updates over the same period. This means that the installed version of Android will make two more version jumps. Customers should have one more reason to opt for the $ 1,400 cell phone.

Microsoft’s step was certainly not expected, especially since it is basically the first Android phone ever, apart from smaller models after the interim takeover of Nokia. At least one can speculate whether this announcement might not come a little early. Whether the smartphone will be a success at all is also questionable due to the unusual design and the not exactly cheap price.

The Surface Duo can now be pre-ordered in the USA, but the official market launch is not expected until September 10th. It remains unclear whether the unusual smartphone will also find its way across the Atlantic. Compared to the Spiegel, Microsoft announced that “information on availability in other markets” would only be available at a later date.

More about the Surface Duo can be found here in the video:

Long Android updates: Samsung is also there

Many manufacturers of Android smartphones continue to provide their customers with updates for the operating system for only two years. Sometimes there are exceptions when it comes to security updates. The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus stood out here, who would like to distribute patches at OnePlus Nord for three years.

In the meantime, however, more and more manufacturers seem to have understood what customers really want. Samsung has now also followed suit and has been offering Android updates for three years, albeit only for certain models of the flagship series Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Z. The new regulation should come into effect from the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

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