The Cyrus family basically consists only of musicians, the best known of course is Miley Cyrus, but her sister Noah is also a singer. A video game is now used for her music video.


Perhaps you have already noticed it by the headline, the video game in which the Music video by Noah Cyrus for their song July, of course, is Dreams. The extensive sandbox for creative people on the PS4 not only offers the possibility to create video games, but also to create videos.

The music video is one Cooperation between the singer, Sony and the Dreams Studio Media Molecule. In the video you can see the lying statue of a crying woman and in the course of it a whole world with rivers, forests and mountains emerges.

Regardless of the taste in music, the work behind the project is very impressive and shows the artistic potential of dreams. In one Making of video The developers and artists involved say that despite the actually difficult working conditions caused by the corona pandemic, it was very easy to work together on the video via the game’s cloud.

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Dreams: The best and most beautiful creations of the community

In the right hands, Dreams seems to be a powerful and versatile tool for creative people. Whoever lacks this talent can simply marvel at the results.