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Million damage in the fire of a transmission tower at the Bavarian State Media Agency

Million damage in the fire of a transmission tower at the Bavarian State Media Agency

Image: © Phongphan Supphakank -
Image: © Phongphan Supphakank –

Munich – On the grounds of the Bavarian media institute, millions of euros were caused by the fire of a broadcast tower.

In the night of Wednesday, emergency calls were received by the Munich fire brigade and police at around 1 a.m. Residents reported a blazing transmission tower on the grounds of the Bavarian State Media Center (BLM) in Munich-Neuperlach. According to the fire brigade, the location of the mission was not to be overlooked as the radio mast, which had caught fire, looked like a big torch. The emergency services immediately started extinguishing using a turntable ladder. At the same time, the adjacent office building of the BLM had to be protected from the fire. Due to the heat of the fire, however, several windows of the three-story business building of the BLM broke.

Finally, it was checked for further damage. A lifting rescue platform was used for the post-extinguishing work. The transmission mast was disconnected from the power grid by the municipal utility company. The police cordoned off the area and is currently investigating the cause of the fire. According to initial estimates, the property damage is in the millions. The police suspect arson.

A few weeks ago there was a similar arson attack on a transmission tower on the site of Bavarian TV in Munich Freimann, which was also used by the Institute for Broadcasting Technology (IRT) for the test broadcast of broadcast via 5G. Last year there was an arson attack on a bridge over the Isar in Oberföhringen, within sight of the BR transmission tower. There, the perpetrators, who are assigned to the left-wing extremist scene, destroyed fiber optic lines from Vodafone and other carriers.

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