Millions of mobiles have malware hidden in the system


He malware and the smartphones They have always had a close relationship. Especially if we talk about certain models of Chinese manufacturers that carry out unorthodox activities. Now Kaspersky reveals that many Android phones continue to host malware inside them, which is also almost impossible to remove from the system.

One of the main reasons why we should install a good antivirus on our mobile phones is to fight against infected infected apps that we can download from the Play Store or, most logically, from third-party markets that are not closely watched. What is not so logical is that these infected files are that they come standard with the smartphone and, even less, that it is impossible to uninstall them.

Android phones

Mobile phones with pre-installed malware

Now security researchers have warned that a large number of phones running Android may be storing ‘unrecoverable’ files and applications. Apparently these smartphones could house malicious files or elements without the user’s knowledge. Overall, the company found that 14.8% of all users attacked by malware or adware in the last year they suffered an infection of the system partition, which means that the files were embedded in applications and system libraries not recoverable at the code level. That is to say, they were not in downloaded applications but they already came with the phone.


One of the examples cited by the security company is he CookieStealer malware, which started showing up on affected models in March 2020 and installing apps on victims’ devices to earn money for advertising. Of course, all of this without your consent. According to the report, this malware, which is only the example of many others, may have infected more than a quarter of the devices offered by some low-cost Android providers, that is, the famous Chinese mobile phones of strange brands that are still clones of the big top of the range of 2020.


In MovilZona we have already talked about how unreliable these mobiles are, quite easy to locate on Wish or Aliexpress. These are usually the main hooks to host malware in your guts. However,. there are better known brands, like Meizu, who was already accused of reaching stores with a pre-installed application that launches adware hidden that can run in invisible windows, increasing data usage and putting battery life at risk.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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