Minecraft granny is proud of her huge project

Minecraft is a phenomenon in itself and offers endless possibilities to build. The game has now become one of the most played in the world and the age of the fans ranges from preschoolers to older people who are no less good at building, so many a professional. Twitch user Bacon_Mom proves this during one of her streams.

Minecraft is Bacon_Mom’s hobby.

I’m happy if I can get a decent house in Minecraft, but there are players who create amazing things. Whole landscapes, villages and cities can be viewed, as can figures and animals.

Twitch user Bacon_Mom created a motley world that reminds a little of Regina Regenbogen, Mario Kart and Alice in Wonderland and showed them to their viewers in a stream.

Simple building is too boring for you? Then you might like the adventures of Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft: Several years of work

A study says Minecraft is the world’s most polluting game, but for many it’s a way to just relax and enjoy. The viewers of Bacon_Mom should also enjoy their built-up world, which they, together with her husband, also accompanied by music.

It took Bacon_Mom a few years for the project – but it was definitely worth it.

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