Minecraft is the world's most polluting game, study says

A study wants to find out which video game is the most polluting. Here’s why Minecraft is the biggest “climate killer”.

According to a study, Minecraft is the No. 1 climate killer
Minecraft is the number one climate killer, according to a study

A study by SaveOnEnergy wants to investigate how climate-damaging video games are. There are at least 2.5 billion gamers worldwide whose favorite hobby costs electricity. Minecraft, of all people, is called the worst climate killer.

The reason, however, is not the tons of coal that you burn in your furnaces to melt gold and iron. Instead, Minecraft’s ranking stems from its popularity. For the study, the Sales figures with the time it takes to finish the game, offset.

More players who gamble longer means one higher electricity consumption and thus more CO2. Especially since most of the energy is still obtained by burning non-renewable raw materials.

Image source: SaveOnEnergy
Image source: SaveOnEnergy

Since Minecraft has more than Sold 200,000,000 times it ends up in first place. At the same time, it takes about 120 hours to complete the game. This also means the highest average value per player with 3 kg of CO2. According to the study, it would 1,333,333,333 Miles (2145791999.464 km) long drive by car.

If you take a look at the list, you will notice some discrepancies. The games of the “Call of Duty” series several of the lower places. Despite the good sales figures, it holds short playing time away from the top spots. Most Call of Duty players, however, will have spent a few hours in multiplayer after the campaign.

Minecraft took over the world over ten years ago and changed the gaming industry forever. In our quiz you can demonstrate your knowledge of world success.

A study finds that Minecraft is the most polluting game in the world. In research, however, long games are penalized, while multiplayer modes are ignored at all. What do you think of the results? Let us know in the comments.

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