What works on calculators and ATMst, gof course also in Minecraft. There the PC, on the Doom running but for now be built.


The biggest surprise is that no one has thought of it before. Minecraft is the game of a thousand ways Doom the game that runs on everything which is even close to the graphical representation. So it’s the most natural connection since a genius came up with baking things with cheese.

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12 real technology projects that were recreated in Minecraft

With the VM Computers Mod you can in Minecraft a Windows 95 PC (other operating systems are also possible). This video shows you how this works:

All kinds of programs can then be used on this virtual system, with Doom, of course. The game is actually playable in Minecraft.

There is even more meta than playing a game in Minecraft only to play Minecraft in Minecraft, of course you can. The next step is someone who plays in Minecraft, Minecraft, in which Doom can then be played.

The last hurdle will of course be the most important of all questions when it comes to what “hardware” can do: “Does Crysis run on it?” Perhaps this will also be possible at some point.