MIUI 12.1 is prepared with great news for Xiaomi phones


The customization layers are very important in the development of smartphones and among the most popular Xiaomi is one of the outstanding ones. MIUI has become a benchmark and after MIUI 12 we now know the first news that will appear in MIUI 12.1 a version that tries to fix errors and add necessary and expected changes.

In the versions that follow the main series of the customization layers, corrections and little else are usually made, but nevertheless Huawei, Samsung or Xiaomi are getting us used to integrating changes that go further and improve the user experience. In this way we add a new wish in the updates of our terminals.

What’s new in MIUI 12.1

More personalization on Xiaomi mobiles

The first important change that we have been able to see is to give users options in this new version of MIUI that are added to those that we already had in MIUI 12. The first one linked to the unlock animation through the fingerprint reader on the screen that we see more and more often on Xiaomi smartphones.

miui 12.1 customization

The AMOLED screen of these devices also add options to customize the Always On Display mode with the possibility of easily activating or deactivating the battery information, notifications or even the steps.

Secure keyboard on Xiaomi

Among the changes that are integrated with MIUI 12.1 we see a very important one for the security of passwords. Since we received this update when typing a password or key the keyboard alters the numbers so that nobody can find out what we are typing.

miui keyboard 12.1

Redesign of settings and services

If there is a function that does not convince many users that is App Vault, the quick access that we find on the left side of the main screen, which Xiaomi has finally launched update and renew. In addition to this is the amount of receiving a car wash in the application of time with new animations.

redesign miui 12.1

Finally and for now we find changes in the accessibility settings, making it easier for people with different abilities to use them. New menu sections have been generated that leave aside the classic ones that are maintained with MIUI 12.

Update date to MIUI 12.1

When we know the news of an update as important as the one we are dealing with, we all want to get it as soon as possible, but unfortunately for us we will still have to wait a few months. Xiaomi has not yet penetrated a bread updates for MIUI 12.1 but knowing the dates when MIUI 11.1 was launched, we can get an idea that the chosen month will be November or December. In MovilZona we will keep you informed about other news that are added and the official dates.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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