MIUI 12.1 will arrive soon on your Xiaomi mobile with all these news

Some of the most important changes that will come to your Xiaomi mobile.

With MIUI 12 still on its way to some of the brand’s terminals, Xiaomi You are already thinking of a new version of your software. As they tell on TechinDeep, MIUI 12.1 is just around the corner, and the new version will arrive with some interesting news that have already come to light.

The changes will include new animations, new features for the interface, improvements to the system apps and other functions that, little by little, will come to the devices that make up the Xiaomi catalog.

Redmi Note 9 Pro, front

The Redmi Note 9 Pro was one of the first phones with MIU 12

New animations for the fingerprint reader on screen

Those holders of devices that include a fingerprint reader on screen you can choose between new animations to unlock after the arrival of MIUI 12.1. As it has been verified, they will be at least four the new animations included in this version. In the clip below these lines you can take a look at one of them.

A more secure keyboard

Another most curious function that Xiaomi will include in the next version of its software is a secure keyboard. Although this utility is already present in the software of other brands, it will be the first time that we see it on the mobile phones of Beijing.

Although many details about its operation have not been revealed, it can be seen how one of its options will allow modify the order of the keys so that they appear randomly, and in this way other people have it more difficult when trying identify our PIN by the position of our fingers when writing it.

Secure Keyboard in MIUI 12.1

The new MIUI 12.1 keyboard will make entering passwords more secure

Refurbished app chest

While it is not a new feature, the application trunk Xiaomi phones will receive a total renewal in the new version of the Xiaomi software. Now, it will allow change the order of shortcuts and the appearance of the panel is much more similar to that of iOS.

Xiaomi MIUI 12.1, app vault and new Always On Display mode

This will be the “App Chest” and the new Always on Display mode in MIUI 12.1

Always on display mode even more customizable

MIUI 12 has already introduced a large number of customization options to the “Always on Display” mode, giving holders of Xiaomi mobiles compatible with this feature the possibility of modifying the appearance of this mode. In MIUI 12.1, Xiaomi will go further giving the possibility of show or hide specific elements such as the state of the battery or the steps that have been taken during the day.

New accessibility settings

MIUI’s settings menu does not stand out precisely for its simplicity or simplicity. So Xiaomi wants to start rearrange settings, and everything points to the accessibility section It will be one of the first. With MIUI 12.1, sections are added that will make it easier to find the options you are looking for at all times, instead of showing a list with all the options available as before.

These are just some of the news of MIUI 12.1. The vast majority are already being tested in the beta version of MIUI 12.1 in China, and sooner or later they will end up reaching the stable branch of ROM, before making the leap to devices sold globally. In addition to these changes, the portal mentioned above also refers to other news included in the official change list of the new version:

  • New Codec support LHDC V3 Codec.
  • The color center includes an enhanced style with date and time.
  • Added text size and split screen support in child space.
  • Blood pressure measurement has been added in the Xiaomi Health app.
  • Security patch updated to July 2020.
  • Updated OpenGL and Vulkan GPU Driver
  • Improved function of Super Wallpaper
  • New lock screen loading animation styles (Mi 10 and Mi Mix Alpha loading style)
  • Improved screen rotation animations
  • Added option to change Quick Ball activation areas
  • Redesigned home screen style selection menu
  • New camera and gallery filters
  • Added option to change gallery album layout to list view
  • 3D animations in four of the primary Control Center shortcuts
  • Improved behavior of expandable notifications
  • New fast video playback options
  • New option to store all game icons within the Game Turbo space.

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