MIUI 12 copies one of the most useful functions of iOS 14

MIUI 12 will borrow a really useful function from iOS and the Google Pixel, and that is related to gestures.

With MIUI 12 still on its way to some of the brand’s terminals, Xiaomi still working on improving their software and it seems that the latest version copy one of the most useful functions of iOS 14 and the Google Pixel. At the beginning of the year the Mountain View company introduced the two taps on the back of their smartphones with Android 11, which allowed the user to start the Google Assistant or start the camera, among other functions.

For his part, Apple implemented this feature with iOS 14., allowing iPhone users to touch the back of their smartphone two and three times to initiate various actions. Now, as reported by XDA senior member kacskrz, it seems that Xiaomi is also working on something similar, according to the code that this user has detected in the latest beta MIUI 12 versions.

Redmi Note 9 Pro, display

MIUI 12 will borrow a feature from iOS and the Google Pixel.

A code that suggests the Chinese company is also working on a function that uses the taps on the back from a Xiaomi smartphone. Some touches that will be double or triple, and that may have different actions assigned, although at the moment these functions are unknown. Of course, this feature is still in development, but the same user has been able to perform a series of screenshots of it in a Redmi Note 7, and that you can see under these lines.

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Xiaomi works on a function that uses the touches on the back of a smartphone

From the images it can be seen that the scope of the double and triple touch gestures on the rear panel within MIUI 12 is currently limited to take a screenshot, turn on the flashlight, start the camera, open the notification screen or start the control center. Of course, since this function is still in development, it is expected that the Chinese company will expand this list to include more shortcuts.

For the moment it is unknown when it will officially launch and for end users this function, so it only remains to wait for Xiaomi to rule on it. With MIUI 12 small aesthetic changes reach every corner of the interface, new animations that will increase the feeling of fluidity in the system and a dark mode which includes third party applications.

On the other hand, you also enjoy a series of changes in multitasking and easy access to the tools you use the most in your day to day, thanks to the new quick settings menu. Regarding security, MIUI 12 has MACE (Mobile AI Compute Engine), the new system presented by Xiaomi that ensures that our sensitive information is protected at all times.

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