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MIUI 12 now allows you to play two games at the same time on your Xiaomi mobile

MIUI 12 now allows you to play two games at the same time on your Xiaomi mobile


MIUI 12 It has arrived loaded with as many news as errors to the mobiles of Xiaomi. While the brand is already providing solutions to those small problems that appeared after updating compatible mobiles, now it is time to make a special emphasis on those improvements that are applied in the system and are not announced by the firm.

We do not know since when but on Reddit they have discovered a function that leaves the software in a very good place … despite being a totally useless tool. It turns out that several users have realized that, after updating their mobiles, it is now possible to run two games at once on split screen. The good news is the good stability of the system and the behavior of the two applications since it is possible to run them at stable 60fps without using 100% of the power of the phone.

miui 12 in the mi 9t pro

The user has performed the tests on a Redmi K20 Pro (a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Spanish) obtaining the following result:

Both games were running at a refresh rate of 60fps on a Redmi K20 Pro (with snapdragon 855).
Battle Prime runs in the main window and the smaller window has Sky Children of Light, tap increases the use of the GPU above 80% on Android.

Of course, the game in the smallest window was run at a much lower resolution, and maximizing the window you see a fuzzy, pixelated and stretched game. This is probably a MIUI optimization.

The only but, that many of you probably already guessed, is the overheating from the phone that, in just two minutes, saw its temperature rise more than notably.

Is it of any use?

From this novelty we can draw two conclusions. The first of all is that not all mobiles they will be able to execute two games at a time due to hardware limitations since, at least, you have to have a high-end processor like the Snapdragon 855 to work.

The second is … is it functional?

Can you imagine playing Fortnite on one side and Clash Royale on the other on a 6.5-inch screen? It is practically impossible to play two games on the same screen at the same time unless you have 3 hands (or you are Japanese, if you are Japanese you can do whatever you want in the world of video games.

Nobody in their right mind is going to use this function so its only purpose is to demonstrate the power of the device and be able to show off with your friends. Little more.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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