MIUI 12 will add functions to your Xiaomi by hitting the back cover


Earlier this year, we learned that Google I was working at a function called Columbus. This would allow users to touch the back of their phone to activate various functions. However, it was not the firm that launched this function first, but Apple, anticipating its main competence, added this possibility to the news of iOS 14. Without “getting wet” about who copied whom, now it is Xiaomi the one who joins the party with MIUI 12.

They have been the boys of XDA Developers who, once again, have found references to a new function that makes use of the gestures on the back of the mobile to execute different actions. The firm has named this tool Back Tap and there is a trace of it in the latest beta versions of Xiaomi MIUI 12, as you can see in these screenshots of the function in the MIUI configuration menu.

back tap xiaomi

How does Back Tap work in MIUI 12?

Although these screenshots have been found with information from the new tool, there is still no way to use or make it work on the tested phones. However, the leaked images of MIUI 12 show us what to expect from the function.

On the one hand we can make use of the double touch and triple touch gestures. Logically we must eliminate a single touch from the equation because if not, each time we touch the mobile, the function associated with the gesture will be enabled. We can choose what to do when executing these gestures from a list of actions:

  • Turn off the screen
  • Turn the flashlight on or off
  • Close apps
  • Turn on the mobile’s split screen
  • Take screenshots
  • Start the camera
  • Activate notification tones.

As you can see, they are gestures similar to Motorola’s Moto Actions, although this time instead of executing them on the screen, they are performed on the back shell with one or two strokes.


Although it has made an appearance in the last betas of MIUI 12, for now there is no official statement from the brand or a specific date on which this update would reach the mobiles of Xiaomi compatible. In addition, it remains to be seen if, as with the new “Super Wallpapers” of the brand, this feature is available for all brand phones or only a select few will be able to execute these gestures on the back of their phone.

For now, wait.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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