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Mobile already has its season 8 available

Mobile already has its season 8 available

Season 8 of Call of Duty: Mobile, called The Forge, incorporates new game modes, weapons and events, among other new features.

Call of Duty: Mobile It continues to be one of the most popular mobile video games today. Niantic’s flagship work has ended his season 7, which was delayed in solidarity with the American protests against the systematic racism of the North American country. Now the mobile delivery of the well-known franchise has started The Forge, its Season 8, incorporating a wide variety of novelties, such as game modes, weapons and events, among others.

Activision has shared on its official blog all the news coming to Call of Duty: Mobile with the Season 8 of the game, called ‘The Forge’ and that includes new game modes, weapons, events and a classic map, among other new features. As it happens every 30 days, the Activision game receives a new season for free with a great content update with which to improve the gaming experience for users and incorporate new features in a game that has thousands of people enjoying their games throughout the world.

Call of Duty Mobile The forge

The Forge is the new Season 8 of Call of Duty: Mobile, which is now available.

With Season 8 of Call of Duty: Mobile comes a new Battle Pass, which will offer a series of free elements for all players, whether they have the pass or not. For example, two weapon skins PDW-57 – Desperate Measures at level 41 and RUS-79U – Desperate Measures at level 50 can be unlocked free of charge. level 14 offers a new bonus for free and level 21 grants the DR-H weapon, a new fully automatic assault rifle divided into high-caliber ammunition, inflicting great damage over long distances.

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New game modes and maps: Highrise is here

Among the most outstanding news of Season 8 of Call of Duty: Mobile is the arrival of a new map, although it is not so new. Highrise it’s a map that debuted on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and that transports players to the legendary skyscraper under construction since 2009. A map that stands out for having a medium size and with a large office building at each link, a heliport, a tunnel system that acts as a flanking route from one end of the map to the other, and cranes that offer a good view of the stage.

On the other hand, it also comes Juggernaut, a game mode which is a remodeling of the one that was already present in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and in which there are games of 5 players equipped with heavy weaponry against 1, which will be played by the Juggernaut, una powerful armor equipped with extremely deadly weapons. That player who manages to eliminate him will automatically become him, and the objective of the games is none other than to finish with the highest number of casualties, so keeping this armor will be key to reaching the first place in the games.

New weapons and perks, plus more features coming soon

Level 14 of the Battle Pass gives away a new advantage: Shrapnel. This is a blue buff that doubles the amount of deadly equipment in the load. If that lethal team damages an enemy, it temporarily delays their ability to regenerate health. Any soldier will find a use for this new explosive advantage, especially those who love to cause mayhem with deadly equipment.

The DR-H will not be the only weapon created by The Forge, as players will also be able to unlock HBRa3 and KRM-262 through seasonal challenges. These are common versions of two weapons from previous seasons. The first of these is an assault rifle, while the other weapon is a shotgun that first appeared in the game in Season 3.

But in addition to all this content, which is already available, Call of Duty: Mobile will continue to include new features over time and until the end of Season 8, such as an event called Solstice Awakened and a challenge for KRM 262. Even to end of is will include the Katana as an operator skill and another challenge of the quick fix advantage.

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