Mobile and fixed portability June 2020: Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, MásMóvil

We closed the month of June reviewing the mobile and fixed portability of the main operators in our country. The return of soccer on TV could be an accolade for the operators that offer this content, but it seems that it has not been finally so. He MoreMobile Group Made up of MásMóvil itself, Yoigo, Pepephone, Lebara, Llamaya, Hits Mobile or Oceans (Lycamobile data will be added starting next month), it has once again taken the cat to the water, devastating its main rivals in both categories. We review all the figures after the jump.

Portability was reactivated on May 26, making June the first full month of this option for users. This allows us to have a real photograph of the situation without external distortions. This is something that has not happened since February, since this faculty was totally suspended on March 17 and then the veto was partially lifted on March 31. Be that as it may, we will review what has been achieved by each of the operators.

Mobile portability June 2020

We begin the review by Movistar that has not derived too much revenue from the return of football or from the introduction of unlimited data. The blue ones, also adding the mobile lines obtained by Tuenti and O2, are left 22,400 clients in total during the month of June 2020.

A somewhat more worrying situation for Orange that loses, adding Jazztel, Amena and the rest of its brands, a whopping 72,400 clients. To be sure, the French operator is already thinking of short-term solutions for the rest of the year. Vodafone, meanwhile, wins 5,700 customers supported by Lowi and clings to the green numbers.

In the case of the MásMóvil Group, they once again swept portability with 52,000 new customers. These figures do not include the impact of Lycamobile that could add as many as 5,000 new customers. The effect of the purchase of this OMV will be seen from the figures of July 2020.

Finally, it should be noted that Digi returns to its pre-confinement figures with 21,000 customers won and that Euskaltel, already with the Virgin firm in the market, achieves 5,800 customers of mobile telephony during June of this year.

Fixed portability June 2020

In the fixed we see similar results, although with some changes. Movistar it loses 69,000 customers, being the most affected operator. Follows Orange with 24,000 lost customers. Already positive we have Vodafone with a not inconsiderable 32,800 landline clients and MoreMobile with 34,000, which also becomes the best result of the month. He Euskaltel Group is satisfied with 2,500 new landline customers.

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