Mobile brands that heat up the least

Those responsible for the Chinese benchmark Master Lu have published a study with the phones that record the lowest temperatures in use. And the winners …? Live and Samsung!

They are not always the most reliable in terms of evaluating the experience of using a smartphone, but What cannot be denied to apps benchmarking is that they store infinite useful data of all the sensors and components of our mobiles, data that is not always explored but is always interesting.

In this case it has been Master Lu who has classified the best smartphone manufacturers regarding the cooling of their devices, in a kind of empirical study that crown Samsung and Vivo like the firms that sell the coolest mobiles in the entire smartphone industry.

Xiaomi heat sink

Temperature is the number one enemy of the most powerful smartphones

GizmoChina told us, also explaining how the experiment was carried out, using the data collected by Master Lu until the second quarter of 2020, and ranking manufacturers with their overall scores and average temperatures of all tests performed.

Speaking of mobiles and temperatures, the award goes to Vivo, which keeps its smartphones at 30.56 degrees on average followed by Samsung with 31.08 degrees and with OPPO closing the podium almost tied

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Mobile brands that heat up the least

Empirically confirmed: Vivo and Samsung better cool their devices

The classification is obviously weighted by the number of devices of each firm used in China, which is where Master Lu operates for the most part, leaving in terms of smartphones the Vivo U3x as the lowest temperature smartphone on the market, only 27.96 degrees Celsius.

Very close are the Samsung Galaxy M30, Xiaomi Redmi 8 and an iQOO Neo 855 of the range gaming from Vivo, which is the only high-end well placed on this list taking advantage of its specific cooling system, which keeps the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 cool.

As for brands, Vivo endorses its privileged position with an average of 30.56 degrees centigrade for their smartphones, followed by second place for South Korean Samsung and its 31.08 degrees while OPPO is placed third, sharing the BBK Electronics matrix with Vivo, with its 31.15 degrees Celsius.

Obviously it is no more than a curious classification extracted from the database of an app of benchmarks, but the truth is that many of our devices get hotter than they should, which happens when we ask for maximum performance as in a performance test … Should we therefore rely on these data?

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