Mobile is better than Fortnite on Android

Call of Duty: Mobile is a more complete title than Fortnite on Android, and we explain the reasons why this conclusion has been reached.

The world of mobile video games has a large number of games, but in the last few months there are two that have been gaining attention. The first of them is Call of Duty: Mobile, Activision’s popular shooter title that recently premiered his season 7. On the other hand, and without forgetting others, is Fortnite, star work of Epic Games that also started its new season weeks ago and where users can get to aquaman. However, there are a number of differences between the two games, and that’s why we explain Why Why Call of Duty: Mobile is so much better than Fortnite on Android.

A recent Android Headlines article explains the reasons, based on the editor’s own opinion, why Activision’s mobile game is better on Android devices than Epic Games’ Battle Royale work, in terms of Battle Royale mode it means. The main reason this person claims that Call of Duty: Mobile is a better title is that it is a well-known franchise It offers more realism, more action and a better general collection of features, such as weapons. However, “Fortnite is essentially a combination of Minecraft and a third shooter game person with a lot of players on the map. “

Call of Duty Mobile on OPPO Find X2 Neo

A person playing Call of Duty Mobile: on an OPPO Find X2 Neo.

Fortnite is a great game currently in available on all existing platforms, It even stands out for offering cross play between all of them. Even so, for the moment it remains a step behind other options, such as Call of Duty: Mobile. Another major difference, and one that makes Activision’s game better, is that one has constructions, while the other does not. In Call of Duty the objective is only to cross the map and survive, while in the work of Epic Games you also have to collect materials, such as wood, to build platforms and thus gain an advantage over your rivals. It has always been said that in Fortnite height is very important to win, and constructions play a fundamental role.

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Call of Duty: Mobile is more realistic and has better features

Games on the Redmi NOte 8 Pro

Fortnite on a Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Another reason that Call of Duty: Mobile is generally better game is the realism and the weapons it brings. The Activision franchise has a better arsenal of weapons than Fortnite, where only a few are available and that change over time. Also, Call of Duty: Mobile is more realistic, not only in terms of images, but also in the shots and sounds. On the other hand, the gunshots and gunfights feel better in Call of Duty: Mobile compared to the work of Epic Games and other shooter titles.

Another point that is also touched on in the article is that Fortnite is a third person title and offers only two game modes. Of course, it should be noted that in the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Mobile it is also in that angle of vision. However, Activision’s work, both on mobile and on consoles, offers multiple game modes that are mostly a first-person view. In Fortnite you can hardly enjoy the Battle Royale and Save the world, while in Call of Duty you have the Battle Royale mode, different types of multiplayer games (such as team duels,) and a zombie mode, as long as I end up going back to the game.

Another point that also draws attention is the design of the characters. For his part, Fortnite offers a cartoon character design (And sometimes it receives well-known characters from sagas due to different agreements, such as with Star Wars or Marvel), while in Call of Duty: Mobile they are more realistic. One of the great points in favor of Call of Duty: Mobile is that the title is nostalgic and it has a long line of content to extract, since it is a saga that launched its first video game in 2003. In addition, the mobile version also recovers back the favorite maps of the saga fans for its multiplayer mode. What is clear is that it is only an opinion, and that each game has its audience.

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