Models, functions and how to install

The decoder is used to enjoy the sOrange TV service which is compatible through this device but also with other devices such as some Samsung and LG Smart TVs or through the Amazon Fire TV Stick. But, in addition, you have the decoder if you do not have a Smart TV but want to download applications, see the different channels of the service, play streaming content, etc.

Where can we watch Orange TV?

Beyond the Orange TV decoder, you can use the service on other devices since the same account is available on up to four Smart TVs that you have at home if you use the application. You can have up to five active devices at the same time in your Orange service, whether they are televisions, apps, etc. And they can be used simultaneously as long as you don’t watch the same show or the same channel.

  • Android smartphone and tablet from version 4.3
  • IOS devices with a version equal to or greater than 9.0
  • On computers where you use the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and for Safari 9.
  • Other devices with Android TV
  • On Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • With Google Chromecast
  • On Smart TVs from Samsung and LG from 2020
  • On Sony Smart TV models with Android TV since 2015
  • The Orange TV decoder that you will receive at home


Orange TV decoder

Orange puts two different decoders: the OHD80 model and the new Orange TV decoder that supports 4K playback. The second works through Android TV and you have compatibility with applications such as Netflix, YouTube and more than 3,000 different Android TV options that can be downloaded from the Google application store. In addition, it has connectivity with 4K HDR content, cloud recording, voice searches or multi-profile compatibility for different family members.

You can also have the Smartcard adapter in the OHD8’0 decoder from Orange that allows to receive the improvements in the old device of the operator without having to change it. It has the content update and the service improvements on a USB type device that you will have to plug in the section and decrypt the signal of what you have contracted.

How to install them

He installer is self-installing and we explain the steps easily in the following paragraphs but Orange makes available to users the possibility of request a technician to perform the process. The cost is 54.45 euros for the installation, whether you are a private or self-employed client or company. You will receive a technician at your home in less than 48 hours who will leave it working. But, generally, we recommend that you do it yourself since it is enough to plug a series of cables to the router and the cable box to get it going. If you are not convinced, the telephone number to request technical assistance is 1470 for private users or 1471 for freelancers or companies. From here you can request that they go.

Orange TV decoder

To install the new Orange TV decoder follow these steps:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable between the deco and the router
  • Connect the cable box to your television with the included HDMI cable
  • Plug the antenna cable into the Orange TV box
  • Connect the decoder’s power supply to mains
  • Press the ON / OFF switch on the back of the device
  • Please turn on the decoder for the first time and it will update
  • Enter the username and password that you have received by email or SMS
  • Choose your time zone in Spain
  • Set a PIN code for parental control
  • Go to the next step
  • Create an adult code and go to the next step
  • Activate or not the recommendations on TV programs
  • Tune in the DTT channels through the decoder
  • You have everything ready to start using it and playing content

The advantage is that it is compatible with movies and playback in 4K so you can access Netflix, for example, or similar applications and you can watch the series you want without envying the cinema screen.

OHD80 decoder

If you have an OHD80 Decoder model from Orange TV, you will also receive an SMS with a code via SMS or email that will give you all the information:

  • Open the pack that you received by mail at home
  • Unwrap the Orange TV set-top box
  • Connect the router to the cable box via an Ethernet cable
  • Join the two devices, the Livebox and the decoder (if it is a Livebox you will see that there are green ports that you must place)
  • Connect the HDMI cable from your television to the Orange decoder by plugging one end of each of the devices into the corresponding port. If you don’t have HDMI, use the Scart on both.
  • Plug the antenna cable of the decoder into the corresponding space you have on the wall, as long as you want to have DTT channels at home.
  • Connect the power supply to the cable box and plug.
  • Use the remote and turn on the decoder
  • Press ok to start the installation
  • A connection test will be performed
  • Confirm this test
  • Enter the user received by SMS or email
  • Enter an eight-digit password that you will have received
  • Select your time zone
  • Wait for the connection test
  • Follow the steps for PIN code and adult code
  • The Orange decoder installation is complete.

If you want add the Smartcard Adapter You will simply receive the USB stick at home and plug it into any USB port on the device. You will receive an SMS or an email where you will have the different steps to configure it. Do not remove the adapter from the USB port and download its content by tuning into any of the channels that you have contracted and that are now added.

Problems and incidents

If you want to reset the decoder because there is a problem, you can do it. To do this, unplug the router and decoder from the mains and after a minute you can plug them back in. Let five minutes pass and see if it has been fixed. If not, you can reset both one and the other, whatever model you have:

At new decoder with Android TV follow these steps:

  • Access the menu on the left of the screen
  • Tap on Storage and Restore
  • Press OK on the remote to enter
  • Look for the Factory Reset option
  • Press ok

You will lose all the information, apps and registered accounts. Once it has been restored you will have to follow the previous steps as if you were installing it for the last time. Keep in mind that everything you have saved will be automatically lost.

deco orange 4k

At OHD 80 decoder:

  • You press the Blue-Yellow-Blue keys on the remote control
  • Tap on Restore to defaults
  • Will restart
  • Enter username and password
  • Configure all the options and tune the channels

What to do if the router is not close to the decoder

In case your decoder is not next to your router, you will not be able to use the Ethernet cable to connect both ends to the devices. But you can fix it with PLC adapters. PLC adapters allow us to carry the Internet from one part of the house to another through the electrical network and you can connect both devices even if they are in another room. Orange has the Liveplug HD + PLC adapters available to users, you can request them through the customer area. You simply go to “My customer area”, choose your landline phone line and in the “My line – Hire more services” section, you can request these adapters by selecting the “Liveplug HD +” box.

The installation and operation of the Liveplug HD + PLC adapters is very simple: just connect one of them to the router and the socket. Once you have it, connect the Orange TV decoder in another room with another PLC and its own Ethernet cable. They will automatically be connected even if they are not together.

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