Modern Warfare had the cheekiest April Fool’s joke of all

There is no better day than April 1st to troll your own community. While some sites and games have surrendered to the notorious jokes, CoD: Modern Warfare was particularly nasty by giving its players exactly what they never wanted.

At the March 31 got lost Playlist update according to Cod: Modern Warfare, whereby all multiplayer modes were again allowed on the carousel and were replaced. What may actually be a reason to be happy – and some of it is this time – hides a nasty April Fool’s joke that makes the community go crazy.

The playlists always hide popular modes and maps that can be played until the next update. This time the Playlist “BUT NO FRUST”, with the smug comment, “Total shipment. Come in. But only so that you know: it punishes abortions“The nice thing about the playlist is the popular Shipment 24/7 mode, in which only the most popular Map Shipment is played without interruption

But it is a lie

At “JUST NO FRUST” there’s not one of the most popular maps, but instead the most unpopular map in the whole game: Piccadilly.

She is so unpopular that even developers flee from the lobbywhen selected. So it’s a good thing that there are penalties if you leave with a disconnect. Ha! Of the sadistic joke ensures amusement in the community on Reddit, since Modern Warfare at least admits that it knows exactly how bad the map is actually.

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In addition to the trolling playlist, there are other updates, such as the new multiplayer mode Cyber ​​Attack Pro, where you can fight from now on. The cheeky playlist “CoD players only want one thing and it’s disgusting“To still play Shipment 24/7. Nice, Infinity and Activision.

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