monthly fee 3 euros to new customers

It has been raining a lot since Vodafone announced in 2017 that it was going to start charge 3 euros a month to new customers for their Vodafone TV set-top box. However, it was not the right time or situation. Now, the operator has worked much harder on their application and on the multi-device experience, taking it to more and more different devices. For that reason, they are now prepared to charge 3 customers a month for the 4K decoder to new customers who sign up for Vodafone One convergent rates.

After delaying the introduction of this quota on several occasions, the British operator is now ready to launch it. In fact, from the past July 2nd This cost is active for new clients. In the case of old Vodafone customers, the operator will not charge this concept for now, but it is possible that this will change as its application is improved and advanced for the different operating systems or devices.

deco vodafone

Vodafone TV deco fee

However, this may not happen since the Vodafone TV deco would remain as an element of differential customer experience. In this case, this would offer advantages over the Vodafone TV application such as:

  • HD and 4K
  • Access all the contents of the applications from a single menu.
  • Voice control with the new Vodafone TV remote.
  • Up to 3 simultaneous reproductions: the deco plus two others.

Meanwhile, the Vodafone app is increasingly available for more different devices. Its use is completely free for the operator’s television clients and is currently compatible with:

  • On mobile and tablet. Download the Vodafone TV App from the Apple Store (iOS) or from Google Play (Android). Rooted or jailbroken terminals do not work with Vodafone TV.
  • On smart TV. Access the application store of your television model and download the application.
  • On PC and Mac. Enter You don’t need to download the Vodafone TV App.
  • With Amazon Fire TV Stick HD and 4K. Download the Vodafone TV App from the Amazon app store.
  • With Chromecast. Send the Vodafone TV content directly to your television using the Vodafone TV App.

vodafone tv deco

The functionalities are the same, except for those mentioned in the previous section, which will remain as exclusive to the Vodafone deco that seeks to offer a premium and differential experience to the television clients of the British operator.

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