more information for your contract rates

The French operator Orange joins the summer 2020 promotions. As Vodafone did a few days ago, the teleco has announced that many of its customers will be able to enjoy data rates with more gigabytes available for the summer period.

The Initial Love rate increases the GB

The first of the changes affects the Initial Love rate, which doubles the gigabytes available monthly without raising the price. In this way, this convergent rate that includes fiber and unlimited calls from the mobile has 12 GB of data on our smartphone for € 53.95 a month.

Unlimited data on weekends

Orange summer promotion: more information for your contract rates

There are also news for users of the Love Medio and Love Max rate, who will see how their gigabytes will be unlimited 48 hours on weekends. For two months, browsing done 24 hours a day on Saturdays and 24 hours a day on Sundays will not count towards reducing your monthly data bonus.

We do not know if, after the end of the promotional period, this unlimited browsing bonus will be priced, removed, or integrated into the Love Medio and Love Max rate.

We do know that it can be enjoyed for two months from its activation, and this must be done before the end of July in the My Orange application. Note that the bonus is not compatible with roaming navigation. If you have any further questions, you can see the operator’s questions and answers section.

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