IPhone 12 Cable

The new iPhone 12 cable appears in some images leaked by @ L0vetodream’s Twitter account and you can see two colors of cable, although it seems true that the white color will be the one that accompanies the new iPhone 12 models of this 2020 and the black color would be for the Mac Pro and iMac Pro, with which the Magic Mouse and the Magic Keyboard are loaded.

This new leak is possibly the clearest and is that the photos are of high quality, another thing is that we end up actually seeing them in the new products of the firm. In principle, the improvement for Apple cables is something that many users have been asking for for years, yes, let’s hope that the other part of the rumors is not fulfilled and if they add the chargers …

The Lightning of the iPhone 12 will always be white

IPhone 12 Cable

Although the leak shows two cable models or rather two colors, the white color would be the one that accompanies all the new iPhone 12 models regardless of the color of the device. In this sense, the tweet launched by L0vetodream, which is no longer available on the social network right now, answered questions from some of its followers and made it clear:

Of course, the improvement in the charging cable will be well received by all users of the firm, the cable that would be USB-C to Lightning seems by the images much more resistant than current models. We hope that this cable finally comes with its corresponding charger, but the rumors clearly point to the elimination of this, we will see how it ends.