More leaks suggesting an iPhone 12 without a charger

The trickle of rumors and leaks continues and each and every one points to the same destination: an iPhone 12 without charger in the box. What could be the tray included in the future iPhone 12 box thus seems to confirm it.

Except for a major surprise, it seems that the next iPhone 12 will arrive in a smaller box and without a USB charger, neither fast nor slow nor of any kind. EarPods headphones with a Lightning connector will also disappear, including until the last model released last year. Both elements will leave their space so that Apple can reduce the size of the box. Ecological reasons, economic reasons … at the moment we do not know what may be the purpose of this decision, that if it is confirmed, almost nobody will like it.

The image you see in this article is the tray on which the iPhone would rest in the box, We see a round space, where the Lightning cable that will be induced inside will be stored, and a square space where, predictably, the small instructions and the classic apple stickers will be included. On them the iPhone 12 will be placed, whose silhouette you can see drawn on the tray, with its rounded corners.

We do not know if it is a reliable source, so we must take this rumor simply for what it is, one more rumor. But as leaks accumulate in this regard it seems more than certain that the charger of the next iPhone we will have to remove it from some drawer where we have an old one stored, or buy it together with the iPhone when placing our order. What do you think of this decision if it ends up being confirmed? Our survey is fairly clear: Almost three-quarters of respondents rate it as “regrettable,” and only less than 10% think it’s a good idea.

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