Morrowind Rebirth 5.2 update –

One of the most popular mods in the Elder Scrolls world has recently received a huge update. The Morrowind Rebirth Mod has been updated to version 5.2 and brings a complete revision and many exciting changes.

The creator of the mod, trancemaster_1988, said: “With version 5.2, there are a number of changes that mainly aim to refine different areas of the mod. This includes fixing a lot of bugs, fixing balance problems and lots of cool additions. “

This is the fourth update since version 5.0 of Rebirth, which was released in November. This may make Rebirth the best supported Elder Scrolls mod out there.

What’s new in the Morrowind Rebirth Mod?

The latest version of Morrowind Rebirth manages to significantly change the game’s graphics and gameplay to deliver a new and improved experience.

The Gnisis and Seyda Neen areas have received the most attention here. Gnisis has been visually revised and doesn’t change much in the content of the mining town, but it looks much better. Seyda Neen has been fundamentally revised and has become more of a fishing village and port. A Coast Guard headquarters and barracks for the Imperial Legionnaires have been added to the city for you to explore again at your next Morrowind session.

In addition, the following new content is added to the mod:

Magic armor:

  • Velothian Tower Shield
  • Velothis tower shield

New artifacts / unique items:

  • St. Meris Serenity Shield

New ingredient:

Visual updates and bug fixes

In addition to all these changes, the mod has updated many graphics, textures and networks, fixed a large number of errors and made changes to the exclusive content of Rebirth.

Some of the bug fixes include:

  • Fixed an issue where Ri’Shajirr would be replaced with a custom NPC with the same name but a different ID.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple traders added by Morrowind Rebirth were set as incorrect trader class.
  • Fixed an issue where Trebonius was doing a T-pose due to some issues with his robe in OpenMW
  • Fixed issues where the texture paths for Draugr Berserker and Draugr Deathlord were wrong.

The complete and very long list of error corrections can be found on the Mod DB page, where you can also see all changes and optimizations.

Overall, it promises a vastly improved visual experience that is the perfect excuse for Elder Scrolls fans to immerse themselves in the world again. While it may be great for new players, it is the returning Morrowind fans who appreciate these changes the most.

Have you played around with this new mod update yet? If so, we’d love to hear how you’re doing in the comments below.

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