Motorola Edge Screen Test – Usage and Review Options


One of the things that attract the attention of Motorola Edge It is the screen that includes, since this component offers a good number of possibilities to enjoy all types of content to the fullest, including multimedia. We have tested the quality of the panel included in this device to find out what is the maximum it is capable of offering.

The panel that is integrated into the smartphone we are talking about, as can be seen in the Motorola Edge tab, is type OLED and it has dimensions of 6.7 inches. In other words, there is more than enough space for series and games to be enjoyed with high visual comfort when traveling. By the way, the name of Edge is well indicated, since like all the models that have this “adjective”, the sides have a curvature that the case of this device is quite pronounced (which gives it a good appeal, but which in some cases makes you have to learn what the screen is like … and an example is the keyboard on its left and right, but there is an option in the Settings that solves this called Screen without border).

Series on the screen of the Motorola Edge

The resolution of this component is Full HD + (or extended as it is called in some cases), and it is the following: 2,340 x 1,080 pixels, so we speak of a density that reaches 385 dpi, which is more than enough, as we have verified, so that the definition of all types of content is more than correct and, therefore, there are no problems when reading texts (to give an example). Something that is important to indicate is that the resistance of the panel is quite good, since we have carried it in our pocket on a regular basis, and we have not had any mishap with it … which is largely due to the fact that Gorilla Glass 5 protection is included.

Without notch and with 90 Hz, prepared for everything

The first is something that is already evident that it is something that manufacturers value little … even in the mid-range of the product, and the truth is that we believe that it is all true. The thing is, the Motorola Edge includes a hole in the upper left It is not especially large and, this, favors that it does not hinder much when using applications and, also, with games. The finish of the bofes is excellent, and we have not detected any light leakage.

In what has to do with 90 Hz, this is another success of the terminal, since with the use of this frequency an evident improvement when consuming content that it has a high speed of work… and that they ask grays that the management of what is reflected on the screen is as fluid as possible. And, the truth is that this is perfectly noticeable in the Motorola smartphone and without there being a performance drop in the device since it has hardware that can handle them without any problem. By the way, in the software it is possible to choose the specification to use (60 and 90 Hz) and, furthermore, there is a possibility automatic which is very helpful and does not work badly as it detects when to use the two previous options.

Another important detail that clearly indicates that this Motorola Edge offers good image quality is that it is compatible with content HDR10, so you can take advantage of this fairly accurately (as long as the provider of the images allows it).

Motorola Edge screen quality

The truth is that this is quite good, with a very effective dynamic range and with a contrast that we liked In general, without special tendency to cold or warm colors, there are three modes: Natural, Enhanced and Saturated. The third is the one that we will think is a better option, but the truth is that in Mejorados the nations are excellent too. The case is that there are possibilities for all tastes.

Motorola Edge screen quality

The brightness is quite powerful, higher than we expected when testing began. Curiously, in manual management, the 400 nits It is possible, but if the automatic option is used, it exceeds 450 nits on some occasions. And, in addition, this possibility is really effective, one of the best we have tested to date since it is precise and fast. You can not ask for more. If you wonder how it behaves with games, it must be said that, thanks to 90 Hz, the experience is really good and you can enjoy even the most action-packed titles to the maximum and that it has constant image changes.

Edge light

This is something that is undeniably striking. With this function the curved sides of the screen light up when certain conditions existsuch as being notified or the Motorola Edge is charging. This is fun at first, but over time it turns out to be something that may not be to the liking of many to draw attention to. For them, the company has included the option of to disable the tool in the Screen Settings. Excellent decision.

Written by Iván Martín

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