Motorola launches an app to greatly improve the volume of apps


Motorola has quite a few tools to its credit related to mobile audio. For example, it has functions to improve the sound of the phone when we use headphones as well as different solutions to audio problems that we may suffer in our user experience. Now it goes one step further by launching a very interesting app.

The first mobile to boast of this novelty is Motorola’s cheapest 5G phone, the Moto G 5G Plus, launched just a month ago. It is a new exclusive application called Multi-Volume which imitates what we have seen in some apps in the Android store and improves it.

motorola audio

The application will allow you adjust the volume of each app independently, that is, we will have controls for the audio of the calls, the system and the multimedia, but we can also work by application and even silence some of them completely. The best of all is that the app itself learns from our use and is capable of automatically silencing some applications.

In this way, for example, you can set a maximum volume for Netflix, maintain a medium level for certain games or silence WhatsApp without having to alter the rest of the sounds on the phone.

To this is added a practical slider in volume popup on the right side of the screen on which we can act for the application in the foreground and adjust, at the same time, the sound of notifications and calls separately.

Moto G 5G Plus

Will it reach more Motorola phones?

Unfortunately, XDA developers who have discovered this possibility in the signature 5G smartphone they say the app cannot be loaded on other devices Motorola. However, it would be illogical for such a useful application not to be carried by the company so that the application is available for other phones. In fact, it would be quite interesting if, like other apps of the firm, it was compatible with phones from other manufacturers.

Moto Power Touch

At the same time as the Multi-Volume app, designed for improve the sound of our Motorola mobile, it has been announced Moto Power Touch, a function that allows you to customize the double-tap gesture on the power button to start an application or the direct access to a certain function of your choice. Normally the power button only gives access to the default camera app on Moto phones but, totime, you can also select applications, quick actions and shortcuts to the most used functions.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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