Motorola's next foldable already has a presentation date

Motorola is one of the brands that have already launched a folding phone on the market, in your case the Razr, available since the beginning of the year in Spain. For months there has been speculation about the launch of a new folding phone by the brand, a phone that will be made official shortly, as has already been known.

Motorola’s next foldable mobile is a reality and already has an official filing date. We can already set a date in our calendars for the presentation of this phone, although at the moment we do not know if it will be the 5G version of the Razr, which has been talked about for weeks.

Motorola will launch a new foldable

Motorola folding presentation

Motorola to hold a launch event on September 9, where your new foldable phone will go official. The brand has not given clues so far about this new device, they have simply said that with this presentation they are preparing to change the experience of the folding phone once again. The slogan in English is “getting ready to flip the smartphone experience once again”, a word game with flip (turn around or change, but used for folding as well).

There has been speculation about the possibility of a 5G version of the Razr. In fact, these months there have already been all kinds of leaks about this phone, in July the first photos of this phone were leaked and its specifications were also leaked at the beginning of July. But so far it is not known if this is the phone that they are going to present.

Surely these weeks more details will be filtered about the phone that Motorola will present at this virtual event. Or maybe the brand itself will give more clues. This device will be made official a week after the Galaxy Fold 2, whose design and some specifications we already know, but it will not be fully official until September 1.

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