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Before you start on the next page, here are a few more for beginners …

IPad keyboard basics

The iPad keyboard appears only when you need them. For example, if you tap the text area in the note app and the address bar in Safari. Tip: If the keyboard is annoying, you can hide it again using the keyboard symbol at the bottom right. One click on a text box and it’s back. Doesn’t the iPad keyboard appear? Maybe the iPad is paired with a hardware keyboard via Bluetooth. Solution: Disconnect the Bluetooth connection, for example, by switching off the keyboard or via the control center.

Like the typewriter, you type the up key to write an uppercase letter. A quick double tap activates the Caps lock – THE BLACK ARROW IS UNDERLINED UNTIL YOU TAP IT AGAIN to continue writing.

who foreign language Write texts, activate yourself in the settings of iOS -> General -> keyboard -> Keyboards -> add keyboard the appropriate languages. In an app, you call up the customized keyboard layout using the globe button. Also to the Emojis you switch here.

Now more keyboard tips for the iPad:

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