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Movie2k operators hand over several million in damages

Movie2k operators hand over several million in damages

Image: © Amir Kaljikovic -
Image: © Amir Kaljikovic –

The investigation against the operators of the illegal streaming platform Movie2k is ongoing. Now the General Prosecutor’s Office in Dresden has secured a million in Bitcoin.

As the attorney general stated in a press release, the seized amount amounts to over 25 million euros in bitcoins and bitcoin cash. It is currently being determined against a programmer of the site and a real estate entrepreneur from Berlin. Both have been in custody since November 2019. Together with other participants, they are said to have distributed hundreds of thousands of pirated copies of films via the portal.

Both are now fully confessed and are intended to support law enforcement against another, still volatile, main operator, the press release said. Since mid-2012, the two main operators have amassed large amounts of bitcoins through advertising revenue and subscription traps. The programmer is said to have used this to buy various properties through the real estate entrepreneur. According to the prosecutor, the programmer voluntarily released the 25 million bitcoins to the authorities as damage compensation during the interrogation.

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