Movistar + now available for Apple TV

After years of waiting Movistar + has finally decided to appear on Apple TV, and users of its streaming platform can now download the application on the Apple device to view its contents.

They have been many years of waiting but finally they have concluded. After Movistar announced to hype in late May that it would launch its application for Apple TV this summer, the phone company has kept its promise and has just released the version for the Apple device, marginalized for a long time being the only one in which the content of Movistar + could not be viewed yet. They did not even allow the “AirPlay” from an iPhone or iPad, while any “TV Box” with Android could access the payment platform.

The wait is over and you can already see the content of Movistar +, although it remains to be seen whether there will be any type of restriction on the content available on Apple TV, something that Movistar unfortunately has quite accustomed us to. Sports, series and cinema, hopefully everything can finally be seen on our Apple TV. To download the application if you already have it on your iPhone or iPad, you can access purchased apps on your Apple TV and download it from there without having to search for it. If not, you can use the search engine with the Siri Remote or dictate the name of the app using Siri. You can download the app for iPhone and iPad from this link.

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